in context of room, building and city

>off ART. 2017

Competition Artistic design at the Place of Human Rights, Vienna, Museumsquartier, Finalist, without implementation recommendation; Website; in collaboration with: United Units, Berlin, Visualization: Robert Herrmann

Fritz Balthaus: off ART. 2017

>off ART.


consists of 2 parts. The first part figures as a five-year DEMONSTRATION with banners, the second part as an INFORMATION on a website: The applied mediality of striking text and fast-reachable website, takes into consideration the urban situation and the attention of passers-by: For urban eyes - in urban ages.


The "Text signs" call for the fulfillment of human rights, especially those of ART. 2, 4, 13, 25, 27. With the abbreviation "off ART." The panels show that "states", "money", "sex", "museums" and "borders" do still exist off ART.


ART AND ARTICLES, have a cut as fine art and written text. Within the three letter ART, two fields of meaning come together productively. Art & text. The "Museums off ART.27" panel is devoted to 2 system areas, which the competition has asked for among others. The surroundings of the museum quarter and the place of human rights are fused together. Even a museum can neglect human rights of equal rights and access for all, money unjustly distributed, or even absent, sex from need and dependency involuntary. States and borders violate specific human rights articles precisely during these times. The five shields indicate this.


By looking at the website, passers-by can reveal other contradictions in the other human rights articles, and it is easy for everyone to recognize that the far-reaching claim of the UN Charter is rarely, or not at all, met. To this stand, the small phonetic and literal deviation in "State of the Art" and "States off ART." can create illuminating slogans and promises by attentive passers-by.