curriculum vitae

>Fritz Balthaus

*Oberhausen/Rhld; lives in Berlin and Luzern/Switzerland; 1972 letterpress-printer; 1978 - 1983 Study Fine Arts; 1983 Masters with Helmut Lortz at Hochschule der Künste Berlin; 1984-1985; Study at the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, with John Baldessari, Open Seminar; Michael Asher, Post Studio Art; since then work as fine artist; Lecturer & Mentor, Hochschule Luzern, Switzerland; Guestprofessor University of the Arts Berlin, Guestprofessor of Sculpture & Installation University of the Arts Bremen 

> Poststudio 



Fritz Balthaus's works are at once precise procedural experiments and ironic interventions in to the art world and its conventions of exhibition. They oscillate between images, sculpture and architecture, disclosing the hidden processes of the generation of art and transforming these into tangible constructions.



Whether in museums, galleries, art fairs, baroque castles and gardens or in public settings, these works reflect on the conditions necessary for their existence as well as the context of their presentation. They occur at points where the diverse media, sculpture, and architecture intersect.



Pieces conceived for public spaces engender interdisciplinary cooperation between for instance architects, landscapers, and urban planners.


Stephan Berg/Guido Fassbender