in context of room, building and city

>Bricolage, 2018

1st prize, open, two-phase art competition for the new building OSZ Chemie, Physik, Biologie / Lise-Meitner-Schule Berlin ©vgbildkunstbonn

Fritz Balthaus: Bricolage, 2018


The proposal for all 5 locations consists of the five sites proposed by the to use furniture, fittings and utensils intended for interior design and building services directly for the production of objects and assemblages. Glass suction cups, armchairs, chairs, stools, stools, tables, lamps, door handles, power sockets, fittings, fittings, coat hooks and canteen dishes of the Lise Meitner School are all incorporated into the artistic proposal. The aim is to identify the objects found in the house in forms that correspond to the images and models of molecules, helixes, cells, atoms and microorganisms, thereby also contributing to Lise Meitner's scientific merits and the mission of the school named after her thematize. The "vestibule" of the main entrance and the "airspace" of the upper foyer is more or less the "space" for "atomic","subatomic""microbiological" everyday objects. The forms allude to epochs and representational cultures of today's provenance from science and research; and operate an interdisciplinary game with different dimensions and systems in science, art and everyday life. The five bricolages bring together chemistry, physics, biology, art - and even the building with a wink. Already at the entrance, when entering the building, the art stations on the upper floors are pronouncedly announced. The integrated concept of the bricolage draws visitors into the building and then through all foyer floors. The very different objects also help with orientation within the building.