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>Pure Moore, 2010

Bronze sculpture measuring 360cm x 200cm x 100cm, “Kunst am Bau” competition, BKA-headquarters Berlin-Treptow, 1st place; Henry Moore’s sculpture: modern sculpture, title: Reclining Figure, year: 1969/70, stolen on December 15th 2006 in Hertfordshire, Wikipedia; visualization Dipl.Ing. Rafal Wamka



Fritz Balthaus: Pure Moore, 2010

>Bronze sculpture


The point of departure for this suggestion of a sculpture for the BKA (Federal Criminal Police Office) is the spectacular theft of Henry Moore’s sculpture in 2006. The idea that the art thieves melted the sculpture, often discussed in public, implies a form for the realization of a new sculpture on the grounds of the BKA. In cooperation with the traditional Berlin foundry Noack that poured numerous Henry Moore sculptures as well as the stolen sculpture from 1970, the original total weight of the 2100 kilograms were recalculated in bronze ingots. This results in a total number of 221 ingots that Henry Moore must have used. These 221 bronze ingots will be placed on a black cement foundation in the dimensions of the original foundation. The slightly higher foundation then carries the same weight but a different volume.


From a "Tagesschau" report from December 15th 2006: “Mysterious sculpture theft! The puzzling disappearance of huge bronze sculptures. One can see Henry Moore’s residence. And this where an audacious crime took place. On December 15th 2006 the sculpture “Reclining Figure” was stolen. Cost: 4.4 million Euro. Weight: 2.1 tons. The theft was recorded on security cameras: at 10:08 p.m. an SUV drove onto the property, then a truck with a crane. The thieves loaded it, and ten minutes later they were gone. There is no trace of the art work. The detectives have an awful suspicion: the thieves could have melted the art work down in order to sell it as recycling metal. The price of bronze is higher than ever.”