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>Marked Space / unmarked Space 2003

An art contribution for the complete exterior of the Berlinische Galerie: Entrance, white Wall and all façades; Competition on invitation, Berlin, 2003, 1st place, realized 2004; Visualization Christian Kaiser

Fritz Balthaus: Marked Space / unmarked Space 2003

>Marked Space / Unmarked Space


1. Differentiation

 marked space - unmarked space 

Forms are suggested that clearly differentiate the museum as a “marked space” of art from the “unmarked space” of the non-art surroundings.


2. Differentiation

back - front

A surface module (5m width x 11m height), a citation from the industrial hall, is realized as a white wall element and is utilized for all artistic decisions. In this way one can experience the size and proportions of the rear exhibition hall from the street.


3. Differentiation

inside - outside

The signifying “white cube” exhibition architecture from the interior of the museum is exported to the exterior in the design of white modules and an exhibition ground plan. The exterior design is simply made up of roadway marking and extends the exhibition surface to the outside.


4. Differentiation

architecture – sculpture

A free-standing wall module is placed at a right angle to the office building’s street façade.


5. Differentiation

photography – architecture

The façade of the office building and the front part/foyer are painted in a shade of grey taken from a photographic grey card.


6. Differentiation

painting – architecture

Black and white surfaces are painted on the entire height of the exterior façade of the large square museum hall. The 5m wide and 11m high surfaces on the exterior façade dissolve the oversized facades tectonically by bringing the internal structural supports of the hall to the exterior. Thus the character of this piece of architecture becomes accessible.