in context of room, building and city


6 white cubes; installations, concrete, grey paint, fiberboard, wood framing, white paint, light bulb, foam, bubble-wrap, fog machine, fog, humidifier, water; in the framework of the exhibition ‘das nichts’, exhibition space at the Comeniusgarten, Berlin 2003; Interiorplanning DE architekten, Jan Dilling Claudia Euler; Curator: Henning Vierck; supported by the Hauptstadt-Kulturfonds

Fritz Balthaus: [6WC]

>[6WC] 6 White Cubes


The suspect “white cube nothing” was researched under the impression of the white cube’s role during a period in the 20th Century: a supposedly neutral, meaningless art space. In situations that changed on a monthly basis the myth of a neutral space was conjured up and analyzed. A variety of forms and situations revealed in a productive way the actual eloquence and the preconception of the white space.


Pure White-Cube

May 15th – June 4th 2003



Jun 9th – June 25th 2003



June 30th – July 17th 2003



July 21st – September 4th 2003



September 8th – October 15th 2003


Concrete foundation

October 20th – November 2nd 2003