in context of room, building and city

>4 Traffic cubes

Sculptures, contribution for Brückenpark Müngsten 2003, 2nd place; with Gruppe F, Berlin, landscape architecture; visualization Christian Kaiser, Büro 213, Berlin; Christoph Naleppa, statics, München

Fritz Balthaus: 4 Traffic cubes

>Traffic cubes


This proposal is made up of four cubes with different functions that integrate art, architecture, landscape and industrial architecture. The four rectangular cubes are strayed into the landscape and are meant to be utilizable sculptures. They have the following functions in addition to their sculptural qualities: bridge, dock, elevator and train.


Gallery bridge, outlook dock,

panorama elevator, panorama train


The two GALLERY BRIDGE and OUTLOOK DOCK cubes are immobile installations over the Wupper river and emphasize a horizontal circular movement initiated in a walkway. The PANORAMA ELEVATOR and PANORAMA TRAIN are mobile cubes that move along the Müngsten Bridge and create circular motion on the vertical axis over the valley. Here the cubes support opposing viewpoints. The GALLERY BRIDGE and OUTLOOK DOCK direct our view towards the Müngsten Bridge. The PANORAMA ELEVATOR and PANORAMA TRAIN reveal a view from the bridge back into the valley.


View Construction


From the outside these four elements can be understood to be exhibition objects in the landscape; from the inside, as exhibition spaces (white cubes). The view through the windows to the outside structures the landscape as a series of pictures and allows the visitor to become an active participant in reinterpreting the landscape as an image. Just as the historic Diedrich’s Temple exa-mines the 20th century bridge landscape from a 19th century perspective, the cubes are contemporary outlooks to reflect on the 20th century from a position in the 21st.